Thoughts on Sparrow 1.0

I’ve been using Sparrow as my primary since the public beta got usable and the app developed nicely and since a few weeks ago I was looking forward to the 1.0 coming to the App Store. It’s now been in the App Store for a couple of days and here are my thoughts on the 1.0 release.

The Good

It’s a Mail-client

Sparrow is a Mail client and nothing else. There is no support for todo-lists, no fancy html-stationaries or other features only very vaguely related to mail. Thinking about it I’ve been wanting this kind of mail client since I used Mail in CDE on the University. I love the simplicity of Sparrow and the focus on doing mail.

Quick archiving 

To keep the inbox clean archiving is a must have. The developers of Sparrow, have by having backspace mean Archive and cmd-backspace mean Delete, made this extremely easy. Archive stuff that don’t need my attention and delete stuff I don’t need anymore.


One of the things I was missing in the beta-versions was being able to reply to a message without leaving the window. Replying before always opened a new window for the reply but this has been changed for the final release. Now it’s possible to quickly reply by using the option-r (or option-shift-r for reply-to-all) shortcut which then opens a small box at the top of the conversion-thread. This is also the default action when clicking on the reply-button.

Decent keyboard-support.

Most common actions like archive, reply, switching mailbox, mark as starred and so on are easily done using the keyboard. I love being able to archive a message also when having the Message Window open. Simply open a message in its own window by hitting the spacebar and archive it and close the window by hitting backspace. 

My Wishlist

Even better keyboard-support

Even though the keyboard support is quite ok I would love being able to label message without having to go through the menu. Something like having a shortcut to activate “Labeling Mode” and then finding the right label by typing the first few characters followed by enter to label the message would be awesome. 

Improve Archive & Search

In the beta versions there was an icon for the archive in the vertical icon bar. This has now been moved to the lower left corner and the search icon has taken its place in the icon bar. First off this menu is only accessible by clicking on it which makes it hard to find and use. I have the feeling that the combined Archive & Search that existed in the betas could be superior if given a bit attention and love.

Message Selection

It’s way too hard to see which message is the selected message. For the 1.0 release they made the selection prettier but very hard to notice. 

Sparrow Selection

I’m looking forward to future releases especially the support for non-gmail imap. If you haven’t already I recommend getting yourself a copy in the App Store or at least checking out the Sparrow website